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Sigma Technologies


Business can Provide

Air Flow Control & Ventilation Systems

Air Diffuser, Industrial Air Pollution Control System


Boiler Water Treatment

Bottles And Bottling Plants

Mineral Water Bottle

Cleaning And Disinfecting Products & Services


Consultant Water Equipment Plant, Engineering Consultant Water Supply Project, Water Pollution Consultant

Drainage Systems

Drainage System, Sewage Effluent, Sewage Treating Unit, Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant AMC, Sewage Treatment Plant Designing Service, Sewage Treatment Plant Repair Service, Sewage Water Treatment, Sewerage

Dust Control Solutions

Dust Collection Bag, Dust Collection System, Dust Collector For Pulveriser Machine, Dust Collector Pulse Jet Type, Dust Collector System, Dust Collector Unit Portable

Filters & Filtration Systems

Activated Carbon Filter, Bag Filter System, Carbon Filter, Cartridge Filter, Cartridge Filter Industrial, Cartridge Industrial, Filter Bag, Filter Bag Centrifuge, Filter Bag For Dust Collection, Filter Bag Pleated For Dust Collection, Filter Cartridge, Filter For Wastewater Treatment Plant, Filter Industrial, Filter Material For Water Treatment, Filter Oil Removal, Filter Oil Seperator, Filter Pleated Cartridge, Filter Sand Pressure, Filteration Membrane, Filteration Service, Filteration System, Filteration System Micron, Filtration Plant Iron Removal, Filtration System, Iron Removal Filter, Iron Removal System, Oil Filteration Service, Oil Filteration System, Oil Separator, Oil Water Separator, Pleat Bag Filter, Pleated Cartridge, Pressure Sand Multi Grade Filter, Sand Filter, Ultra Filteration, Water Filter, Water Filter Chemical Industry, Water Filter Industrial, Water Filter Media, Water Filter Repair Service, Water Filter Ultraviolet, Water Filteration Service, Water Filteration System, Water Filtration Plant

Industrial Scrubbers & Scrubbing Systems

Automatic Scrubber Dryer, Industrial Scrubber, Scrubber, Venturi Scrubber, Wet Scrubbing System

Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals And Machinery

Oil Skimmer

Pollution & Environment Control

Air Pollution Control Equipment, Air Pollution Control System, Air Pollution Monitoring Instrument, Air Pollution Stack, Air Purifier, Air Scrubber Pollution Control Device, Consultant Air Pollution Control, Consultant Environment Management, Consultant Environmental Engineering, Consultant Pollution Control, Consultant Water Pollution Control, Cyclone Separator, Cyclone System, Dust Collector Unit Cyclone Type, Dust Collector Unit Multi Cyclone Type, Environmental Product, Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser, Fume Extraction System, Pollution & Environmental Control, Pollution Control Equipment, Pollution Control Service Sewage, Pollution Control Service Wastewater, Pollution Control System, Pollution Monitoring System AMC, Water Pollution Control Equipment, Water Pollution Control Project, Water Pollution Control System

Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel

Water & Water Systems

Clarifier, Consultant Mineral Water Plant, Consultant Water Management, Consultant Water Treatment, Consultant Water Treatment Plant, Demineralisation Plant, Demineralised Water, Desalination Plant, Desalination System, Diffused Aeration System, Drinking Water System, Effluent System, Effluent Treatment Plant AMC, Effluent Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Water Treatment Plant Spare Part, Effluent Water Treatment Service, Flocculator, Industrial RO System, Membrane Ultrafiltration Uf, Mineral Water Purifier, Osmosis System, Ozone Equipment, Ozonizer, Packaged Drinking Water, Packaged Drinking Water Plant, Prefabricated Effluent Treatment Plant, Purification System UV, Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant, Reverse Osmosis Feed Pump, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant Commercial, Reverse Osmosis Plant Domestic, Reverse Osmosis Plant Industrial, Reverse Osmosis Plant Residential, Reverse Osmosis Plant Spare Part, Reverse Osmosis System, Reverse Osmosis System AMC, Reverse Osmosis System Commercial, Reverse Osmosis System Repair Service, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, Sea Water Desalination Plant, Softening Plant, Softner, Spa Reverse Osmosis System, Two Pass Ro System, UV Treatment For Mineral Water, Ultraviolet System For Swimming Pool, Waste Treatment Process Engineering Design Service, Waste Water Analysis Equipment, Waste Water Evaporation Plant, Waste Water Purification Plant Uv, Waste Water Reuse Plant, Waste Water Treatment Chemical, Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Waste Water Treatment Polyelectrolytes, Wastewater Recycling Plant, Wastewater Treatment Blower, Water Demineralisation Plant, Water Desalination Plant, Water Disinfectant, Water Disinfection System UV, Water Filter Cum Purifier, Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon, Water Filteration Plant Spare Part, Water Filtration System, Water Plant, Water Purification Plant, Water Purification Plant Industrial, Water Purification Plant Spare Part, Water Purification Service, Water Purification System, Water Purification System Spare Part, Water Purifier, Water Purifier AMC, Water Purifier Commercial, Water Purifier Industrial, Water Purifier Ozone, Water Purifier Plant, Water Purifier RO, Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis, Water Purifier Spare Part, Water Purifier UF, Water Purifier UV, Water Purifier UV Industrial, Water Recycling Plant, Water Recycling Service, Water Separation System, Water Softener, Water Softener Domestic, Water Softener Industrial, Water Softener Repair Service, Water Softening Equipment, Water Softening Plant, Water Softening Plant Installation Service, Water Softening Resin, Water Softner UV, Water Steriliser, Water System, Water Treatment Agitator, Water Treatment Borewell, Water Treatment Chemical For Boiler, Water Treatment Chemical For Cooling Tower, Water Treatment Clarifier, Water Treatment Component, Water Treatment Equipment, Water Treatment Equipment AMC, Water Treatment Equipment Graded Filter, Water Treatment Equipment Pebble Filter, Water Treatment Equipment Repair Service, Water Treatment Equipment Resin, Water Treatment Equipment Ro Chemical, Water Treatment Flash Mixer, Water Treatment Oil Skimmer, Water Treatment Ozonation, Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant AMC, Water Treatment Plant Component, Water Treatment Plant Domestic, Water Treatment Plant Drinking Water, Water Treatment Plant For Educational Institute, Water Treatment Plant For Swimming Pool, Water Treatment Plant Industrial, Water Treatment Plant Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment Plant Repair Service, Water Treatment Plant Reverse Osmosis, Water Treatment Plant Spare Part, Water Treatment Plant Waste Water, Water Treatment Pressure Filter, Water Treatment Resin, Water Treatment Service, Water Treatment Service Beverage Industry, Water Treatment Service Waste Water, Water Treatment Surface Aerator, Water Treatment Thickener, Water Treatment Tube Settler, Water Treatment Ultra Filtration, Water Uv Sterilizer, Zero Discharge Plant

Contact Person - Mr Muralidharan
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  • 15, Venugopal Nagar main Road, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai - 600062

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Business Description

Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, UV Treatment, UF System, RO Plant Manufacturer and Suppliers,
Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Water Treatment, Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment   Plant AMC, Turnkey Contractor Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Designing Service, Sewage Treatment Plant Repair Service, Bmc Water Supply & Sewage Department, Sewage Treatment Plant AMC, Sewage Treatment Plant Tank Cleaning Service, Water Treatment Plant Drinking Water, Water Treatment Plant Waste Water, Water Treatment Service Waste Water, Water Retention Treatment, Chemical For Water Treatment, Boiler Water Treatment Chemical,
Chemical Boiler, Chemical Cooling Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment Plant, Prefabricated Water Treatment Plant, Boiler Water Treatment, Water Treatment Tanker, Mineral Water Treatment Plant, Mineral Water Treatment Service, Cleaning Chemical Cation Resin, Effluent Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Water Treatment Service, Portable Water Treatment System, Waste water Treatment Blower, Waste Water Treatment Chemical,
Air Diffuser, Disc Type Diffuser, Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser, Membrane Diffuser, Diffused Aeration System, Diffuser, Tube Diffuser
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